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Brocade Zone Setup

I recently setup a Brocade SAN Switch for zones in an HP C7000 Blade Enclosure. I thought I would run through all of the steps.

Step 1.
To configure the switch, log into the HP On-Board Administrator and locate the blade switch you plan on zoning. Click on the Management Console to launch the Management Console.

Step 2.
After you enter the username and password the web tools administration page will be displayed as below. Click on the Zone Admin to launch the zone configuration page.

Step 3.
The Zone Administration page starts out with the Alias tab highlighted. Aliases are nothing more then a common name to the WWN for the devices. Use the alias in order to more easily identify the connections. In order to create an alias click on the New Alias button and then create a name which you believe will help you configure the switch more easily. For example you might call one of the Aliases something like Blade_01, Backup_A, App_02. Remember that if you have multipathing or redundant connectio…

VMware View 4 Security Server Tips

I finally got the VMware View Security server working correctly so that I could use it for our company. Here are some tips for you when working with it.

On the Main Connection Server make a config file using the top right corner of the something. Export the config file to the desktop.

Open the Security Server and navigate to the location of the folder to put the file.

Restart the service and then try to connect from outside the network. Remember that only RDP will work through the security server.

CactiEZ Problems

Just recently I downloaded the ISO from torrent and setup a new Cacti server. This is one of my favorite monitoring systems which is free. If you recently set one up you notice a bit of frustration in that it did not work right out the gate. Here is what I had to change in order to get the poller running and a few tip and tricks.

First the poller. Log into the console or from ssh as "root". Once you have logged into the server then do the following TWO command.
cd /var/www/html/poller.php vi poller.php If you're not use to the VI console then read on otherwise skip to this section..

VI QuickTips

Navigating the code: Use the arrows to skim through the code.
Typing: Once you found your place to start typing just start typing, escape to navigate using arrows.
Exiting and Saving: press escape key if you have been typing, then :wq

Ok about a page or two into the code you will find the line that look like this..
$force = FALSE Change it to TRUE and then save the code. You will ne…