FLVtool2 for Flash and FFmpeg

In order to get pseudostreaming/streaming of flash you will need to either setup this in your ffmpeg system or go back and use a tool to build a meta file to enable streaming. I found an easy tool that should help make the process much easier on Linux systems. Using ubuntu it is very easy.

installing flvtool2
apt-get install flvtool2
Simple command line for making the META file
flvtool2 -U <video_file>.flv
Also you should add in the "g-" into your ffmpeg scripts. Here is an example
ffmpeg -i UncompressedMov.mov -sameq -g 1 OutputFile.flv
In ffmpeg the number of keyframes is controlled by the g- flag. A smaller value leads to more keyframes and a larger file size. With small video files (less than 10Mb) a value such as 30 should be fine.


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