Microsoft MPIO for Windows 2008 R2

To enable the Microsoft MPIO on Windows 2008 R2 just follow these quick steps.

To install Multipath I/O (Using the Server Manager)

1) Open Server Manager.
2)In the Features area, click Add Features.
3) On the Select Features page of the Add Features Wizard, select Multipath I/O, and then click Next.
4) On the Confirm Installation Selections page, click Install.

When installation has completed, click Close.

To install Multipath I/O on a computer using the command line

1) Open a Command Prompt window with elevated privileges.
2) Right-click the Command Prompt object on the Start menu, and then click Run as administrator.

Type the following, and press ENTER.

ServerManagerCmd.exe -install Multipath-IO

When installation has completed, you can verify that Multipath I/O has installed by entering the following command and reviewing the query results in the command window. Multipath I/O should show in the list of installed packages.

ServerManagerCmd.exe -query

Removing Multipath I/O

ServerManagerCmd.exe -remove Multipath-IO


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