MySQL Dump to another Server

When you have a development MySQL server and a production server sometimes it comes in handy to move a copy from production to development. Usually it requires a mysqldump then scp to the other server and then loading the data. Here are some scripts you can use to issue single command:

Here are the normal command that we would have had to use:

Dump the database
mysqldump --opt database_name -u root -p > database_name.dump
Copy the file
scp /path/to/file.dump
Then importing the data
mysql database_name -u root -p < database_name.dump
Now for a single command: This assumes you don't need to have SSH and the ports are open
mysqldump db-name | mysql -h db-name
This is done over SSH
mysqldump db-name | ssh mysql db-name
This should save some time and make sure you have access to run the commands on both machines.


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