Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red5 Open Source Flash Server on Ubuntu 8.10

I am working on a video capture video kioski so I need to either purchase thousands of dollars of Adobe Flash Media Server software or I have been looking at Red5 Open Source Flash Server which is free. Now I don't want to knock the great software Adobe has but the amount of traffic and rev up time don't allow me to go with the expensive option. So let's get going with Red5.

I got the software from:

Then I took my fresh install of Ubuntu 8.10 (Desktop Edition) and ran the Add/Remove Software application. I searched for JAVA and installed: OpenJDK Java 6 Web Start and the OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime.

Once I got the JAVA install I unzipped the software on the desktop and then ran the following commands in terminal: (As root/su)
tar -xzvf release.tar.gz
cd release
export RED5_HOME=`pwd`
The terminal window will look locked but the server is running in the background and if you want to stop the server press the CNTRL+C and the server will quit.

Once you get the server running you can verify it is fully working by going to your local machine: http://localhost:5080/installer

I will post the red5 video recorder once I get it working with the server setup. Have fun also check out some of these really cool things you can build with Red5:

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