Thursday, December 30, 2010

TMG 2010 Firewall Routing

We are using Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 in the virtual environment for high availability. It was quite difficult to find documentation on how to route IP addresses and use the firewall. Here is how I setup routing and firewall. I am assuming that you have already installed the software ready to begin.

Step 1. First you need to assign all of the IP addresses to NIC that will eventually be routed through the firewall. This is done in the networking interface and not TMG.

Step 2. Now that you have all of the IP addresses assigned to the NIC you can open the Forefront TMG Console. Click on the Firewall Policy.

Step 3. Click on the "Publish Non-Web Server Protocols". Then create a name for the rule.

Step 4. Now enter the IP address for the server within the NAT pool/behind the firewall.

Step 5. Now choose the port that you want to forward. You will need to create a rule for each port you want to forward.

Step 6. Network Listener, choose External and then click Address.

Step 7. Choose the external address you want this port and ip.

Step 8. Your rule is now complete.

You will now need to update the TMG access rule and you can then test the routing and port.

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