Ubuntu 8.10 LIVE Firewire 1394 DV Capture

Another post but this one is a bit different, I am capturing LIVE video information from a DV camera over Firewire 1394.

I am using the same equipment which is a HP a1140n with 6-pin firewire in the back connected to a Canon ZR45 video camera.

I started the camera up and also begin recording

Then I did the following things in terminal window as root
mkfifo /tmp/fifo.rawdv
dvconnect -- >/tmp/fifo.rawdv
Running the last command will stop the terminal, that is fine because it is running a process. When you stop the camera then it will stop the dvconnect and prompt will return.
I started another terminal window and begin capturing video to flash file using ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -f dv -i /tmp/fifo.rawdv -vcodec flv -b 666k -s 380x286 -ar 22050 -ab 24 -f flv /home/user_name/Desktop/output-file.flv
I then took a look at the video. You can change around the video script for the ffmpeg.


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