Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ubuntu 8.10 Server install Java6

I am doing a fresh install of Red5 on Ubuntu 8.10 Server. I need to get the latest version of the Java6 for this to work. Here are the set of commands to get it installed.

Running as root
apt-get install sun-java6-jre
Then just look for the direction for getting Red5 up and running.

Additional Packages from Sun/Ubuntu:
  • sun-java6-bin - Contains the binaries
  • sun-java6-demo - Contains demos and examples
  • sun-java6-doc - Contains the documentation
  • sun-java6-fonts - Contains the Lucida TrueType fonts from the JRE
  • sun-java6-jdk - Contains the metapackage for the JDK
  • sun-java6-jre - Contains the metapackage for the JRE
  • sun-java6-plugin - Contains the plug-in for Mozilla-based browsers
  • sun-java6-source - Contains source files for the JDK

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