Friday, October 30, 2009

Using Apple Keyboard with Linux, Command Key Swap

I like using linux and also using Apple Mac OS X. I hate those horrible keyboard that come with the low budget computer and figure I would use my Apple Aluminium Keyboard with Linux. Now mind you this worked just fine plugging it into my Dell. I want it to act just like my Apple Computer. Here is what I did, this is way to cool.

I am using Ubuntu 9.04 in 64-bit mode (32-bit should work as well).

First I changed the keyboard type in:

System > Preferences > Keyboard

Then in the window choose:

Layouts > Keyboard model > Apple > Macintosh

Magically the volume controls worked and the number pad worked as well. I am so close to having that Mac experience. Let's now map the CNTRL key to the Command Key

Staying in the Keyboard Window and Layouts, click on the "Layout Options..." button:

Alt/Win key behavior / Control is mapped to Win Keys (and the usual Ctrl keys) (click the radio button)

Now close everything out and open your text editor and try it out all of you mac heads. This will save those dreaded hand cramps and make things much easier. Go Mac and Linux.

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