Windows SNMP Configuration

I recently wanted to add my windows servers to my cacti monitoring system. Here are some directions on how to get that going.

1. Go to Start | Control Panel, and double-click the Administrative Tools applet.

2. Open the Services console, and select SNMP Service.

3. On the Agent tab, specify the types of applications that you want the server to report through SNMP by selecting the check box of each required application type.

4. On the Traps tab, specify the SNMP trap destinations to which the server will send trap notifications. (Trap destinations are the management systems that need to receive SNMP management notifications from the server.) The community name acts as a combination password and identifier, so you must specify at least one SNMP community name on the Traps tab.

5. On the Security tab, specify the hosts from which the server will accept SNMP packets, and configure the allowed actions for specific communities.


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