Thursday, April 28, 2011

EMC Avamar VM Image Backup Proxy Setup

I am preparing to run a few tests with our EMC Avamar grid and our vSphere infrastructure. We will be leveraging the Backup Proxy machine. I thought I would post a beginning to end of how to set it up and get your first machine backed up.

Step 1.
Download the OVF from the Avamar software page. This is usually where the Windows, Linux and Mac software are located in your Grid.

Step 2.
Open vCenter Administrator and then click on File > Deploy OVF Template

Step 3.
Locate the OVA template on your computer and then click open

Step 4.
Deploy from file confirmation. Click Next.

Step 5.
Template details, click Next

Step 6.
Specify name and folder location to deploy template.

Step 7. Specify the Datastore to put the template.

Step 8.
Disk type to deploy. Choose which ever you want to deploy then click Next.

Step 9.
Network Mapping.

Step 10.
Verify information

Step 11.
Deployment Successful

Step 12.
Power on Virtual Machine to complete the configuration.

Step 13.
Goto the console of the virtual machine and choose first setup.

Step 14.
Configure the network choose 1). Enter the information in the menus and then Save & Quit.

Step 15.
Enter Time zone. Should be easy enough without me giving you screen shots. Then enter 3) for the proxy type. This makes the proxy only backup Windows machines. If you need to backup/restore linux machines when make another proxy.

Step 16.
Choose the proxy type

Step 17.
Register proxy with a Management Console.

Step 18.
Enter the management console that we should be connected to

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