Monday, February 16, 2009

Mongrel on Mac OS X

So after spending about half a day trying to get a website running on Mac OS X Leopard I thought I would post a few notes that might help you in the future. Special thanks to Layton W. for his additional notes.
NOTE - these commands are very long so make sure to get it all on one line.
Basics for Starting a Mongrel on Mac OS X Leopard
sudo /usr/bin/mongrel_rails_persist start -p 8000 -e production --user admin -c /Library/WebServer/web_site

Basics for Stopping a Mongrel on Mac OS X Leopard
sudo /usr/bin/mongrel_rails_persist stop -p 8000

Log files for Mongrels
Well hope this help you to get your applications up and running on OS X Leopard.

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