Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red5 video recorder installation setup

So I was amazed how long it took me to finally get this up and working. Actually I am quite embarrassed once I figure it out how easy it is. I scoured the web for days looking for any tips on how to get this going until I installed all of the plugin information and got things going. Before we begin you should know that I am doing this via Eclipse and a few plugins so if you don't have this stuff at your beck and call then stop now and keep looking.

I am assuming that you checked out my previous post for the installing Eclipse and also the Red5 plugins? Here are the links to the posts:

For Mac OS X. Includes the Flex plugin as well please download the red5 plugin

For Linux Ubuntu (Should work for other flavors). Install eclipse and then just add the plugin

Ok now we need to get the Red5 Recorder software which is at this link:

Now open eclipse and after you have everything installed. Read and watch the video in this post. Make sure read the part about building the application, "OK, now for building the applications...". I am going to breeze through this pretty fast.

Ok so here we go really fast...

Create a new Dynamic Web Project and call it "red5recorder". Your now have two main folders, one ends in "Client". Expand the Eclipse project "red5recorderClient" so you see the structure. Note that the file you download loaded has the same set of files. I opened up (2) windows and just removed all of the files from the eclipse project and replaced them from the "". I then did a refresh in eclipse just to make sure it could see the files I swapped out.

Now you will need to Right click on the main red5recorder project (not the red5recorderClient) and then run as Server. It will go through and compile everything for you and move a copy of the files into the Red5 Server. Then Right click on the red5recorderClient and either Run as OR debug as. The application should work fine and the application should be working as planned.

I will post more about this coming up very soon and how to embed this into a webpage and also into a form. Keep watching for more posts.

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