Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ubuntu Dropping Network Connection

So when I was running 64-bit Unbuntu 8.10 I noticed that the network dropped from the machine for no reason what so ever. The machine was fine just that the network gave out. I found this little explanation and the solution which I am going to try out and see if it works.

Originally found here:

Here is the Exerpt: CRITICAL: cannot initialize libpolkit

Here is the posting:

The error is triggered by the update-modt cron job which runs ever 10 minutes.

This is a bug in Intrepid. console-kit-daemon requires PolicyKit as a dependancy, but Intrepid (Server AMD64) does not install it when it installs console-daemon-kit.

The simple fix is to install policykit.
sudo apt-get install policykit

Next run of the update-motd job and the error is gone.

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