About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. Since Santa gave me my first computer in 1984 is could stop trying to figure out the best way to use software to solve complex problems. As it turns out my friends and I would become geeks in middle school building their first program for storing grades and report card information. When I went off to college I worked over at Ohio State University Computer Labs hacking away on Solaris workstations until they closed each night. Starting around 1996 I started building database driven websites. To my surprise, one of them became so popular that I sold it to Comedy Central in 1999. JokeClub.com started as just a hobby but after 2 years and over 1 million visitors a month it was hugely successful. I loved to use a variety of different Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix/Mac, and Windows. This was one of my labs that I set up in my basement in my first house.

Once I left college I was looking for something very challenging and I found it working for Apple as a vendor. I was at the ground floor of Mac OS X and actually in Paris when we rolled out the G4’s with it installed. I got to launch every Mac, iPod, and iPhone that came to market. I met some of the most amazing people. Another group of people that I loved working with were the people from DEMO.com, and angel funding shows that launched new technology to the market. I saw Skype, multi-touch, VMware and a slew of awesome technology. While I was working with Apple I built some amazing code which was eventually consumed into Apple’s Concierge for signing up for training, camp and personal trainers. I even built a company branded YouTube type of site for an education consortium, that was awesome and the code is in my blogs. I ran our datacenter and some of Apple were I fell in love with Virtualization, I could tell early on this is where I wanted to go. I began with Xen (which would eventually be bought by Citrix) where I condensed an entire rack into 2 servers. Using my coding skills I did everything with Perl scripts and PHPCLI. Our web servers ran massive amounts of traffic hosting Apple, Sun, Palm and RNC websites. Soon after I switched to VMware and never looked back. Around 2009 I switched jobs and went to work for a firm in Cincinnati where I consumed information like never before. I challenged myself to try and get 52 certifications/accreditations in one year. I became certified in VMware, Citrix, HP, NetApp, EMC and several more. It was tough but I did it.

Raspberry Pi Zero W - Wireless Configuation

create the file under "boot" folder wpa_supplicant.conf country=GB ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev u...